Data Policy

Although we make every effort to protect our customer’s data, Ingram Computer Services (ICS) cannot and will not be responsible for any data lost while in or out of our care. We believe it is the owner of the data’s responsibility to make regular backups, including but not limited to personal data and business data. This belief is inline with our industry.

By servicing your computer at ICS, you understand that ICS cannot and will not be held financially liable for any and all data that may be lost while serviced at our facility. If it is shown that ICS is at fault with lost or damaged hardware, ICS will replace hardware at our cost with replacement hardware comparable to the lost or damaged hardware.

If ICS backs up your data for services such as hard drive cloning or operating system reinstallation, we will keep your data on file for up to 30 days. We do this in the event that during the restore process data may have not been restored completely. Upon completion of services it is the customer’s responsibility to examine the services done and let ICS know of any missing data within the 30 day period. After 30 days we will not be able to retrieve any data that has been backed up in our office!

Updated January 1, 2016

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Justin C.
6/10/2021 - Google

Very professional and friendly staff. Very helpful, would recommend to anyone

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