Pwn Telemarketer

I ran across this on YouTube and I laughed so hard I cried. I just had to set it up on my FreePBX server. Listen to  the YouTube video below for an example of a Microsoft Scammer. I follow a series of videos from Crosstalk Solutions on YouTube. He has a video entitled...

Labor Day 2017

      We will be closed Monday, September 4th for Labor Day. Time to relax and enjoy these final days of summer.

Clean Floors

We are getting our floors cleaned this weekend and had to move everything out. This was a job and a half. But come Monday, we will have nice clean floors. Be sure to check it out next week if you are in the neighborhood.

15 Year Anniversary

Today we celebrate our 15th year in business. April Fool’s Day of 2002 I quit my job and started a business in my home. I had a hundred dollar in my bank account. That was gone after buying a box of CAT5 networking cable and a tank of gas. I tell you every year...

Storm Season

The storm season is upon us once again. I want to remind everyone about the risk of electrical damage. We have some severe electrical storms in our area. I have seen lightening damage not just the computers and network equipment, but HVAC units, coffee makers, TVs,...