Setup Email in Outlook 2007


Open Outlook 2007 and click on the Tools menu and click Account Settings…


The Account Settings window will open. Be sure you are on the E-mail tab. Then click the New… button.


Outlook isn’t very good at the automatic detection so just check the box Manually configure server settings or additional server types

Otherwise you will have a wait several seconds.


On this next page choose Internet E-mail and click next.


Fill out the form above. You can choose between POP3 and IMAP.

Be sure to use your full email address for the User Name

For the mail servers you can use your own domain ( or use our emal server names:

Then click the More Settings… button.


Now click on the Outgoing Server tab. Then check the box at the top labeled: Myoutgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication

Click OK and then Next



Click Finish to complete the wizard.


The wizard will now finish. You can click the Send/Recv button or press F9 on the keyboard to check your settings.

You may not have any email yet. You can send yourself an email to test your settings.