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How do I listen to voicemail?

From your phone press *97 and you will be logged directly into the voicemail assigned to the phone extension.

If you press *98 you will be prompted to enter a phone extension.

Once you access your voicemail you’re going to be prompted with the number of new and/or old messages you have in the mailbox. Here’s the list of options you have with the voicemail system of VoIP.ms

  • Press 1 – Play the first new/old message available in your mailbox.
  • Press 2 – Change folders.
    This option allows you to change to another folder in order to hear the messages you have stored in that folder. At the moment it’s not possible to change the name of the folders.
    • 0 – New Messages
    • 1 – Old Messages
    • 2 – Work
    • 3 – Family
    • 4 – Friends
    • # – Cancel
  • Press 3 – Advanced Options
  • Press 4 – Play the previous message.
  • Press 5 – Repeat the message.
  • Press 6 – Play the next message.
  • Press 7 – Delete the current message, without confirmation.
  • Press 8 – Forward message to another user.
    When prompted for an extension, you must enter the full mailbox ID of the intended destination (e.g. 52739100).
  • Press 0 – Voicemail options
    In here you can change your greetings and record your name, also you can change the password for your voicemail.
    • 1 – Unavailable message
    • 2 – Busy message
    • 3 – Name
    • 4 – Temporary message
    • 5 – Change Password
    • * – Return to the Main Menu
How do I change the message?
From the phone dial *97

Press 0 (zero) for Voicemail Options

  • Press 3 – Name
    • Name of the voicemail account recording
  • Press 4 – Change the Message
  • Press 5 – Change Voicemail Password
  • Press * – Return to the main menu


My Voicemail Messages keep stopping at 3 minutes.
The Current Maximum Length, a voicemail message can be, is 3 minutes.
I Can No Longer Listen to My Voicemail on my Android Phone.
VoIP.ms uses a compressed WAV format for the voicemail messages (WAV49).

This helps server stability and lessen the bandwidth used by VoIP.ms customers to download the file.

Please download another FREE Audio Player like Remote Wave and this will resolve this issue instantly. 
You will be given a choice of what application to use to listen to the file or you can make it your Default Audio Application.
If this doesn't work for you, you can always go back to uncompressed WAV format, on your Manage Mailbox options.
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